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Ways of holding back ageing

With age we become more prone to illness. This has two basic causes:
Firstly, the effective work of the immune system -- its ability to combat viruses, bacteria and cancer -- weakens with age. This process begins in adolescence and progresses gradually.
Secondly, the processes necessary for the support the healthy condition of all the basic functions of the organism and also its capacity to assimilate sugar, to maintain cholesterol levels and cleanse toxins from the blood, become less effective. As a result chronic degenerative changes take place, turning people first of all into inactive middle-aged people, then into helpless old people, and finally giving rise to the illnesses that lead to death.

All these processes can and should be effectively resisted - resistance to ageing is the purpose of our Institute!

Even if you are only 20, 25, 30 or 35 you must give some thought to the fact that each day you live brings you closer to decrepitude, and that this process can be avoided. The program for secure communication on the Internet. Apartments for daily rent in Novosibirsk. We now talk about super-longevity and longevity without illness and feebleness. The earlier you pay attention to this, the more effective your age-combatting will be.

1st Way: Cosmetological RejuvenationGives a stable outward aesthetic effect, allows you to rejuvenate the skin of the face and body by 10-15 years from the age you are when you come to us. Depending on the method, you can achieve a result in the course of 3 days or several months. With systematic use of the procedures, outward rejuvenation can actively work against inner ageing.

2nd Way: Rejuvenation of the whole organism (Immune-based longevity)For unknown reasons, from about the twelfth year, timus (the iron of the immune system) begins to decrease. By the age of 40 only a shadow of its previous amount remains. At sixty it is hard to trace.
Timus plays a very important role in the maturing of the basic cells of the immune system - T-lymphocytes, which are the basic defenders of the organism against all illnesses.
With the gradual decrease in the ** iron, there is a growth in the number of ailments connected with the weakening of the immune system, such as oncological and auto-immune, infections.
The reduction in the size of *** is a basic indicator of the ageing of the organism.
Previously, it was considered that timus declined irretrievably in size and that there was no possibility of restoring it. But now it is clear that this was an incorrect conclusion, timus is not programmed to disappear in such a way that we cannot get it back. Apartment in Novosibirsk now available to rent from the city of Demyansk. We can restore it through anti-ageing treatments.
An improved immune status as a result of special therapy: - this is a product of new defensive elements of the immune system, antibodies, T-cells, interlaken-2, accelerated division and increased activity of the white blood cells (leucocytes) which fight against disease, the higher activity of the T-cells which protect us against cancer, the stimulation of the elimination of bacteria by macrophages, the acceleration of the maturing of the neutrofiles, and the increase of erythropoesis, that is, the production of new red blood cells (erythrocytes).

The restoration of immunity means not just the reduction of illnesses, but also the prolongation of a healthy active life.
In fact, many gerontologists consider the immune system the key to longevity.





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