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Endocrine-based longevity

With age the levels of most hormones are reduced, however one of the very active hormones of our organism, "cortizol", begins to rise in concentration. Cortizol is produced by the cortex of the kidneys and thanks to its action infections in the organism are decreased.

Now it has become clear why some chronic conditions such as atopical dermatitis and others often clear up by themselves after the age of 30. However the rise in the level of cortisol leads to the retention of water in the organism, and the loss of calcium and potassium, which leads to osteoporosis. But the most basic damage produced by the rise in the level of cortisol is harm to the hypothalamus, which leads to the imbalance of the whole hormonal system, and ageing. The use of preparations to lower the level of cortisol is one of the ways of combatting age.





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