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Gene-based longevity

Our DNA is the coded information we receive from our parents. It means that we are born with a unique code and predetermined tendencies in relation to the functioning of our metabolic processes, and other physical data.

However contemporary science has produced some amazing results. A small but constantly growing number of doctors in the world (including those in our Institute) are using the new technologies of genetic engineers, biotechnologies, and molecular biology to combat ageing, not just on the physical level, but also at the level of chromosomes and DNA.

To raise the functional capacity of the body so that it can avoid the loss of DNA through free radical damage, and to stimulate the stability of neuro-hormonal system are the keys to restraining age.

In our opinion, the essence of all age-combatting methods is the defence of the DNA and the increase in its capacity to correct itself and effectively produce the new proteins and peptides, which are responsible for the growth of new cells and the regeneration of the whole organism.

The achievments of molecular biology and genetic-engineering are capable of slowing and very possibly soon stopping the process of ageing.





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