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What is Anti-Ageing Medicine?

What you will read below will completely transform your attitudes to ageing; in doctors it will inspire a revolution in thinking about the processes that cause illness.

If you have had your cholesterol level measured or had a prostate massage or a mammogram, or had your hormones analysed, then you have already been indirectly involved with anti-ageing medicine.

The practitioners at our Institute are able to determine from their own clinical experience that 80% of adult illnesses are the result of the ageing of the organism. Halt the ageing process and illnesses like adult diabetes (2nd type), polyarthritis, auto-immune deficiency and many others will never arise.

In the course of age-combatting treatment most of these ailments can be averted, cured or reversed.
Age-combatting medicine -- a new medical specialization - has as its aim not only the prolongation of life, but the improvement of the quality of physical and emotional life, and to help the patient to attain a state of well-being and health.

Following our recommendations, you can easily and enjoyably change your lifestyle for the better. Every new day willl bring you pleasure and enjoyment.
Age-combatting medicine is only five years old, but it will permanently change society's attitudes towards the prolongation of life, health, and disease.

Whoever has the opportunity to benefit from age-combatting medicine is very fortunate and will be able to meet the 22nd century with the practitioners of the Institute feeling young and beautiful.
The words "feeble old man" and "helpless old woman" will disappear from our society.
Age-combatting medicine will permanently change the course of history, and an era will begin in which it will not be possible to determine a person's age by his or her outward appearance. One generation will not replace another, people will remain active and joyful regardless of their age. Children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and their parents will be equals in spirit, and in their love and enjoyment of life.

At our Intstitute you will:

  • Look young, think and act young. The bond of the spirit and the body is the most powerful age-combatting force.
  • You wil be sexually attractive and enjoy active sexual functioning - the absolute proof of health and longevity.
  • Decrease the fat level of your body by a minimum of 30%.
  • Forget about many chronic illnesses.
  • Forget the words "gloom" and "depression" and enjoy being in good physical shape and experiencing dynamic positive emotions. These are the keys to our personalised age-combatting program.
  • Become a permanent member of our age-combatting medicine club.

Join us and together we will say "no" to outdated assumptions about ageing. Together we can change the realities of ageing and avoid the diseases associated with ageing. Together we can show society how to live a full life for more than a hundred years.





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