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How can we defy the aging process?

Soon, anti-aging therapies will be a significant part of medical practice and medical research. Experts agree that after 50 a man's vitality and stamina is not the same as when he was thirty. Figure 1 depicts a typical profile of changes that take place in the quality of life during "normal" healthy ageing. Statistical data show that different practices of healthy lifestyle add only another extra 3-5 years to the lifespan. But the science of anti-aging claims that extending the prime of life (the profile shown in Figure 2) can be achieved by the present generation in the near future.

Currently there are a few medical centres in the world which practice real anti-aging therapy. One such centre is the institute of Active Longevity founded by Vladimir Undritsov, M.D., PhD, situated in the heart of Moscow in Krasnaya Presnya Str., 21.

Dr. Undritsov believes that the earlier you start anti-aging therapy, the better your chances of postponing or completely avoiding the ravages of the aging process. "The degenerative aging process doesn't occur overnight; it is a multifaceted process that begins in our twenties," he says. "We consider aging as a systemic general disease. Cheap hotels in Novosibirsk in the center. Just like heart disease, it's a condition that begins slowly, silently, and progresses over the years. If you keep your cholesterol low, you'll reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. Similarly, if you realize those first lapses of vitality, there is a chance that you will prolong your prime of life for many years. And that's all we can hope for."

"Much of our attention is focused on balancing hormones and restoring them to their youthful levels - an essential part of optimum health and preventing impotence," he says. Apartments for rent in Novosibirsk. "Each section of your body goes into a type of menopause. Menopause may be the best-known pause in life. Without exception, every part of the body is subject to pause." Two such pauses are somatopause (decline in growth hormone, muscle strength) and andropause (decline in sex drive and level of testosterone).

Dr. Undritsov, through his innovative life-extension techniques, has reversed all of these pauses to a significant degree. That approach requires Dr. Undritsov to treat the "whole" patient, not just specific body parts or organs. "To maintain optimal health, we must be able to recognize and correct all biomarkers of aging," he explains.

"Once these pauses are found and corrected, you will be energetic and thin, your memory will be quick and you'll be cognitively superior. You'll be stable and less anxious, your mood will be improved, your sleep will improve. This scenario can be maintained throughout the lifespan as long as balance is maintained."





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