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"Unageing Evergreen Cedar"
(Monthly program)

The ageing process advances steadily in men up till the age of 50, but after this point the irreversible losses accelerate. However, these processes can and should be stopped. In the USA in the last 2 or 3 years, articles have appeared in newspapers and scientific journals with headings like these: "Halting the Ageing Disease", "The Ageing Disease is Curable".

The beginning of a new century and a new millenium have been marked by a new approach towards the ageing process. It is now widely accepted that physical strength and an active way of life can be maintained for many years.

Medical science now understands the causes of energy loss, of reduced work capacity, vitality, and sexual potency. By eliminating the reasons for these phenomena we can relight the dying fires and not allow them to go out again for many years to come. This program has been carefully tailored to suit your needs. It involves between 16 and 20 hours of rehabilitation spread over the course of one month.






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