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"White Lily"

Super-Intensive Facial Care Program for Women (10 days)

Intended for all women over 30, this program allows you to solve cosmetological problems of the face in a very short period (10 days). The program treats women in any age-group, targetting the first signs of skin-ageing as well as established changes.

Over a ten-day period, thanks to this program, wrinkles will be eliminated from all over the face, the surface of your skin will be smoother, softer and younger-looking. The oval of the face can be improved thanks to skin-lifting in the neck and chin areas - and all this without the surgery, anesthaetics, stitches, or the pain that accompanies any operation. The effect of this treatment lasts longer than the effect of ordinary surgical lifting. In just 10 days you will become 10-15 years younger, having committed just 2 hours per day to the program. The result will exceed all expectations!





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