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"Love for Women"

Our 20 years of experience shows that no single cosmetic operation, even one performed by the most virtuoso surgeon can take the place of effective professional weekly care for your face and body.

The best reults do not come from occasional visits to a cosmetologist, but from a commitment of 2-2,5 hours a week to your beauty regime.
The following program is tailored for women who care for themselves, for women who desirenot only to look young but also to feel great. For women who are always in good form and radiate constant energy.

The program consists of traditional weekly procedures in facial care with the use of manual massage, manual lymph-drainage and nourishing and firming masks which deeply penetrate the skin.
 The facial care program includes the use of the latest methods, such as *****, which allows you to get rid of mimic lines and forehead lines over the course of six months and in the same way to prevent the formation of lines in those places, or in the case of lines already formed, to smooth them away. The program makes use of contouring preparations for the face, such as Restylane, which can be introduced into existing lines to correct them, or if desired, to increase the volume of the lips. To improve the structure of skin on the face we use mesotherapy - a third-millenium treatment -- which allows us to insert required vitamins, amino acids and microelements directly into the skin.

To improve the skin surface and to eliminate pigmentation we use photo-rejuvenation of the skin (2 treatments).On problem zones we recommend a course of three contactless laser rejuvenation a year for the skin on the face which renews the skin and promotes collagen production. This is a safe and painless technique requiring no recovery period. We recommend laser-peeling once a year to improve the surface of the skin on the face, neck, and hands.

The program for improving the figure includes a consultation with a dietologist who will devise a personalised diet. Endermology and ultrasound are used for the correction of problem areas and the elimination of cellulite. Four photo-epilation treatments a year take care of the problem of unwanted hair permanently (without pain or complications).
    In the course of this program you will be able to consult a gynaecologist, an endocrinologist, a gerontologist, and a psychoanalyst.






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